Bullseye Decals P-51

Yoxford Boys part 1


This is a great set of decals for early P-51's and includes 6 of the early P-51D's without the tail fin fillet. You get two sets of

national isignia, one lighter and one darker, and enough cowling checkers to complete 6 aircraft, although two require you

too paint the yellow yourself.



The are markings for Ten aircraft:

44-13897, "Glamorous Glenn II", July 1944 (no fillet)

44-13897, "Glamorous Glenn II", Oct 1944 (with fillet)

44-13897, "Daddy Rabbit", July 1944

44-13522, "Billy's Bitch", July 1944

44-13518, "Horses Itch", Sept 1944

44-14798, "Master Mike", Jan 1945

44-13316, "Mildred", June 1944

44-13316, "Nooky Booky II", July 1944

44-13586, "Hurry Home Honey", July 1944

44-14245, "Floogie II", Dec 1944


Updated Jan 26 2021