Registration Prefix  
Country / Region  
3A Monaco 3A-AAA to 3A-ZZZ
3A Monaco 3A-HAA to 3A-HZZ (Helicopters)
3B Mauritius 3B-AAA to 3B-ZZZ
3C Equatorial Guinea 3C-AAA to 3C-ZZZ
3D Swaziland 3D-AAA to 3D-ZZZ
3X Guinea 3X-AAA to 3X-ZZZ
4K Azerbaijan 4K-AZ1 to 4K-AZ999
4K Azerbaijan 4K-10000 to 4K-99999
4L Georgia 4L-AAA to 4L-ZZZ
4L Georgia 4L-10000 to 4L-99999
4O Montenegro 4O-AAA to 4O-ZZZ
4R Sri Lanka 4R-AAA to 4R-ZZZ
4U United Nations 4U-AAA to 4U-ZZZ
4W East Timor Not used as of yet
4X Israel 4X-AAA to 4X-ZZZ
5A Libya 5A-AAA to 5A-ZZZ
5B Cyprus, Republic of 5B-AAA to 5B-ZZZ
5H Tanzania 5H-AAA to 5H-ZZZ
5N Nigeria 5N-AAA to 5N-ZZZ
5R Madagascar 5R-AAA to 5R-ZZZ
5T Mauritania 5T-AAA to 5T-ZZZ
5U Niger 5U-AAA to 5U-ZZZ
5V Togo 5V-AAA to 5V-ZZZ
5W Samoa 5W-AAA to 5W-ZZZ
5X Uganda 5X-AAA to 5X-ZZZ
5Y Kenya 5Y-AAA to 5Y-ZZZ
6O Somalia 6O-AAA to 6O-ZZZ
6V Senegal 6V-AAA to 6V-ZZZ
6W Senegal 6W-AAA to 6W-ZZZ
6Y Jamaica 6Y-AAA to 6Y-ZZZ
7O Yemen 7O-AAA to 7O-ZZZ
7P Lesotho 7P-AAA to 7P-ZZZ
7Q Malawi 7Q-AAA to 7Q-ZZZ
7T Algeria 7T-AAA to 7T-ZZZ
8P Barbados 8P-AAA to 8P-ZZZ
8Q Maldives 8Q-AAA to 8Q-ZZZ
8R Guyana 8R-AAA to 8R-ZZZ
9A Croatia 9A-AAA to 9A-ZZZ
9A Croatia 9A-GAA to 9A-GZZ (Gliders)
9A Croatia 9A-HAA to 9A-HZZ (Helicopters)
9G Ghana 9G-AAA to 9G-ZZZ
9H Malta 9H-AAA to 9H-ZZZ
9J Zambia 9J-AAA to 9J-ZZZ
9K Kuwait 9K-AAA to 9K-ZZZ
9L Sierra Leone 9L-AAA to 9L-ZZZ
9M Malaysia 9M-AAA to 9M-ZZZ
9M Malaysia 9M-EAA to 9M-EZZ (Amateur-built)
9M Malaysia 9M-UAA to 9M-UZZ (Microlight)
9N Nepal 9N-AAA to 9N-ZZZ
9Q Congo, Democratic Republic of 9Q-AAA to 9Q-ZZZ
9U Burundi 9U-AAA to 9U-ZZZ
9V Singapore 9V-AAA to 9V-ZZZ
9XR Rwanda 9XR-AA to 9XR-ZZ
9Y Trinidad and Tobago 9Y-AAA to 9Y-ZZZ
A2 Botswana A2-AAA to A2-ZZZ
A3 Tonga A3-AAA to A3-ZZZ
A4O Oman A4O-AA to A4O-ZZ
A5 Bhutan A5-AAA to A5-ZZZ
A6 United Arab Emirates A6-AAA to A6-ZZZ
A7 Qatar A7-AAA to A7-ZZZ
A8 Liberia A8-AAA to A8-ZZZ
A9C Bahrain A9C-AA to A9C-ZZ
AP Pakistan AP-AAA to AP-ZZZ
B China, People's Republic B-1000 to B-9999
B China, Republic (Taiwan) B-10000 to B-99999
B-H(formely VR-H) Hong Kong, China B-HAA to B-HZZ
B-K Hong Kong, China B-KAA to B-KZZ
BL Hong Kong, China B-LAA to B-LZZ
B-M Macau, China B-MAA to B-MZZ
C2 Nauru C2-AAA to C2-ZZZ
C3 Andorra C3-AAA to C3-ZZZ
C5 Gambia C5-AAA to C5-ZZZ
C6 Bahamas C6-AAA to C6-ZZZ
C9 Mozambique C9-AAA to C9-ZZZ
C-F Canada C-FAAA to C-FZZZ
CF- Canada CF-AAA to CF-ZZZ
C-G Canada C-GAAA to C-GZZZ
C-I Canada C-IAAA to C-IZZZ (ultralight aeroplanes only)
CN Morocco CN-AAA to CN-ZZZ
CP Bolivia CP-1000 to CP-9999
CR Portugal CR-AAA to CR-ZZZ
CS Portugal CS-AAA to CS-ZZZ
CU-T Cuba CU-T1000 to CU-T9999
CX Uruguay CX-AAA to CX-ZZZ
D Germany D-AAAA to D-ZZZZ
D Germany D-0001 to D-9999 (Gliders)
D2 Angola D2-AAA to D2-ZZZ
D4 Cape Verde D4-AAA to D4-ZZZ
D6 Comoros D6-AAA to D6-ZZZ
DQ Fiji Islands DQ-AAA to DQ-ZZZ
E3 Eritrea E3-AAAA to E3-ZZZZ
E4 Palestine Not used as of yet
E5 Cook Islands E5-AAA to E5-ZZZ
E7 Bosnia and Herzegovina Not used as of yet
EC Spain EC-001 to EC-999 (Test and delivery)
EI Ireland EI-AAA to EI-ZZZ
EK Armenia EK-10000 to EK-99999
ER Moldova ER-AAA to ER-ZZZ
ER Moldova ER-10000 to ER-99999
ES Estonia ES-AAA to ES-ZZZ
ET Ethiopia ET-AAA to ET-ZZZ
EW Belarus EW-100AA to EW-999ZZ
EW Belarus EW-10000 to EW-99999
EX Kyrgyzstan EX-100 to EX-999
EX Kyrgyzstan EX-10000 to EX-99999
EY Tajikistan EY-10000 to EY-99999
EZ Turkmenistan EZ-A100 to EZ-Z999
F France F-AAAA to F-ZZZZ
F France F-CAAA to F-CZZZ (Gliders)
F France F-OAAA to F-OZZZ (Overseas Territories)
F France F-PAAA to F-PZZZ (Homebuilt)
F France F-WAAA to F-WZZZ (Test and Delivery)
F-O French Guyana F-OAAA to F-OZZZ
F-OD Réunion Island F-ODAA to F-ODZZ
F-OG French West Indies F-OGAA to F-OGZZ
F-OH Tahiti F-OHAA to F-OHZZ
G United Kingdom G-AAAA to G-ZZZZ
G United Kingdom G-1-1 to G-99-99 (Test and delivery)
G United Kingdom G-N01AA to G-N99ZZ (dual registration of Concorde)
H4 Solomon Islands H4-AAA to H4-ZZZ
HA Hungary HA-AAA to HA-ZZZ
HB Liechtenstein HB-AAA to HB-ZZZ (shares allocation with Switzerland)
HB Switzerland HB-AAA to HB-ZZZ
HC Ecuador HC-AAA to HC-ZZZ
HI Dominican Republic HI-100AA to HI-999ZZ
HJ Colombia HJ-1000A to HJ-9999Z (Microlights)
HK Colombia HK-1000A to HK-9999Z
HL Korea, Republic of HL-1000 to HL-9999
HP Panama HP-1000AA to HP-9999ZZ
HR Honduras HR-AAA to HR-ZZZ
HS Thailand HS-AAA to HS-ZZZ
HZ Saudi Arabia HZ-AAA to HZ-ZZZ
HZ Saudi Arabia HZ-AA1 to HZ-ZZ99
HZ Saudi Arabia HZ-AAA1 to HZ-ZZZ99
I Italy I-AAAA to I-ZZZZ
J2 Djibouti J2-AAA to J2-ZZZ
J3 Grenada J3-AAA to J3-ZZZ
J5 Guinea Bissau J5-AAA to J5-ZZZ
J6 Saint Lucia J6-AAA to J6-ZZZ
J7 Dominica J7-AAA to J7-ZZZ
J8 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines J8-AAA to J8-ZZZ
JA Japan JA-0001 to JA-9999
JA Japan JA-001A to JA-999Z
JA Japan JA-01AA to JA-99ZZ
JA Japan JA-A001 to JA-A999 (Balloons)
JU Mongolia JU-1000 to JU-9999
JY Jordan JY-AAA to JY-ZZZ
LN Norway LN-AAA to LN-ZZZ
LQ Argentina LQ-AAA to LQ-ZZZ (Official use only)
LV Argentina LV-AAA to LV-ZZZ
LX Luxembourg LX-AAA to LX-ZZZ
LX Luxembourg LX-HAA to LZ-HZZ (Helicopters)
LY Lithuania LY-AAA to LY-ZZZ
LZ Bulgaria LZ-AAA to LZ-ZZZ
M Isle of Man M-AAAA to M-ZZZZ
N United States of America N1 to N99999
N United States of America N1A to N9999Z
N United States of America N1AA to N999ZZ
OB Peru OB-1000 to OB-9999
OD Lebanon OD-AAA to OD-ZZZ
OE Austria OE-AAA to OE-KZZ
OE Austria OE-BAA to OE-BZZ (governmental service)
OE Austria OE-LAA to OE-LZZ (airlines operating scheduled flights)
OE Austria OE-VAA to OE-VZZ (test registrations)
OE Austria OE-WAA to OE-WZZ (amphibian and sea planes)
OE Austria OE-XAA to OE-XZZ (helicopters)
OE Austria OE-0001 to OE-5999 (gliders)
OE Austria OE-9000 to OE-9999 (motor gliders)
OH Finland OH-AAA to OH-ZZZ
OH Finland OH-001 to OH-999 (gliders)
OK Czech Republic OK-AAA to OK-ZZZ
OK Czech Republic OK-AAA 00 to OK-ZZZ 99 (Microlights)
OK Czech Republic OK-0000 to OK-9999 (Gliders & balloons)
OK Czech Republic OK-A000 to OK-A999 (Ultralight gliders)
OM Slovakia OM-AAA to OM-ZZZ
OO Belgium OO-AAA to OO-ZZZ
OO Belgium OO-A01 to OO-Z99 (Microlights)
OY Denmark OY-AAA to OY-ZZZ
OY Denmark OY-HAA to OY-HZZ (Helicopters)
OY Faroe Islands OY-AAA to OY-ZZZ
OY Faroe Islands OY-HAA to OY-HZZ (Helicopters)
OY Faroe Islands OY-XAA to OY-XZZ (Gliders)
OY Greenland OY-AAA to OY-ZZZ
P Korea, People's Democratic Rep. P-500 to P-999
P2 Papua New Guinea P2-AAA to P2-ZZZ
P4 Aruba P4-AAA to P4-ZZZ
PH Netherlands PH-AAA to PH-ZZZ
PH Netherlands PH-1A1 to PH-9Z9 (Microlights)
PH Netherlands PH-100 to PH-9999 (Gliders)
PJ Netherlands Antilles PJ-AAA to PJ-ZZZ
PK Indonesia PK-AAA to PK-ZZZ
PP Brazil PP-AAA to PP-ZZZ
PR Brazil PR-AAA to PR-ZZZ
PT Brazil PT-AAA to PT-ZZZ
PU Brazil PU-AAA to PU-ZZZ (Microlights)
PV-C Cayman Islands VP-CAA to VP-CZZ
PZ Surinam PZ-AAA to PZ-ZZZ
RA Russian Federation RA-00001 to RA-99999
RA Russian Federation RA-0001A to RA-9999Z
RDPL Laos RDPL-10000 to RDPL-99999
RF Russian Federation RF-00001 to RF-99999 (state-owned aircraft)
RP-C Philippines RP-C0001 to RP-C9999
S2 Bangladesh S2-AAA to S2-ZZZ
S5 Slovenia S5-AAA to S5-ZZZ
S5 Slovenia S5-HAA to S5-HZZ (Helicopters)
S7 Seychelles S7-AAA to S7-ZZZ
S9 São Tomé and Príncipe S9-AAA to S9-ZZZ
SE Sweden SE-AAA to SE-ZZZ
SP Poland SP-AAA to SP-ZZZ
SP Poland SP-1000 to SP-3000, SP-8000 (gliders)
SP Poland SP-SAAA to SP-SZZZ (ultralights)
SP Poland SN-00AA (police and border guard)
SU-Y Palestine SU-YAA to SU-YZZ
SX Greece SX-AAA to SX-ZZZ
T2 Tuvalu T2-AAA to T2-ZZZ
T3 Kiribati T3-AAA to T3-ZZZ
T7 San Marino T7-AAA to T7-ZZZ
T7 San Marino T7-001 to T7-999 (Microlights)
T9 Bosnia and Herzegovina T9-AAA to T9-ZZZ
TC Turkey TC-AAA to TC-ZZZ
TF Iceland TF-AAA to TF-ZZZ
TF Iceland TF-100 to TF-999 (Microlights)
TG Guatemala TG-AAA to TG-ZZZ
TI Costa Rica TI-AAA to TI-ZZZ
TJ Cameroon TJ-AAA to TJ-ZZZ
TL Central African Republic TL-AAA to TL-ZZZ
TN Congo, Republic of TN-AAA to TN-ZZZ
TS Tunisia TS-AAA to TS-ZZZ
TU Ivory Coast TU-AAA to TU-ZZZ
UK Uzbekistan UK-10000 to UK-99999
UP Kazakhstan UP-AAA01 to UP-ZZZ99 (Suffix letters refer to aircraft type)
UR Ukraine UR-AAA to UR-ZZZ
UR Ukraine UR-10000 to UR-99999
V2 Antigua and Barbuda V2-AAA to V2-ZZZ
V3 Belize V3-AAA to V3-ZZZ
V4 Saint Kitts and Nevis V4-AAA to V4-ZZZ
V5 Namibia V5-AAA to V5-ZZZ
V6 Micronesia V6-AAA to V6-ZZZ
V7 Marshall Islands V7-0001 to V7-9999
V8 Brunei V8-AAA to V8-ZZZ
V8 Brunei V8-AA1 to V8-ZZ9
V8 Brunei V8-001 to V8-999
VH Australia VH-AAA to VH-ZZZ
VN Vietnam VN-1000 to VN-9999
VN Vietnam VN-A100 to VN-A999
VP-A Anguilla VP-AAA to VP-ZZZ
VP-B Bermuda VP-BAA to VP-BZZ
VP-F Falkland Islands VP-FAA to VP-FZZ
VP-G Gibraltar VP-GAA to VP-GZZ
VP-L British Virgin Islands VP-LAA to VP-LZZ
VP-M Montserrat VP-MAA to VP-MZZ
VQ-H Saint Helena/Ascension VQ-HAA to VQ-HZZ
VQ-T Turks and Caicos VQ-TAA to VQ-TZZ
VT India VT-HAA to VT-HZZ (Helicopters)
XA Mexico XA-AAA to XA-ZZZ
XB Mexico XB-AAA to XB-ZZZ
XC Mexico XC-AAA to XC-ZZZ
XT Burkina Faso XT-AAA to XT-ZZZ
XU Cambodia XU-AAA to XU-ZZZ
XY Myanmar XY-AAA to XY-ZZZ
XZ Myanmar XZ-AAA to XZ-ZZZ (Not Used)
YA Afghanistan YA-AAA to YA-ZZZ
YJ Vanuatu YJ-AA1 to YJ-ZZ99
YL Latvia YL-AAA to YL-ZZZ
YN Nicaragua YN-AAA to YN-ZZZ
YR Romania YR-AAA to YR-ZZZ
YR Romania YR-1000 to YR-9999 (Gliders)
YS El Salvador YS-AAA to YS-ZZZ
YU Serbia YU-AAA to YU-ZZZ
YV Venezuela YV0001 to YV9999
YV Venezuela YV-0001A to YV-9999P
YV Venezuela YV-AAA1 to YV-ZZZ9 (Official use)
Z Zimbabwe Z-AAA to Z-ZZZ
Z3 Macedonia Z3-AAA to Z3-ZZZ
Z3 Macedonia Z3-HAA to Z3-HZZ (Helicopters)
ZA Albania ZA-AAA to ZA-ZZZ
ZK New Zealand ZK-AAA to ZK-GZZ
ZK New Zealand ZK-IAA to ZK-ZZZ
ZK New Zealand ZK-HAA to ZK-HZZ (Helicopters)
ZL New Zealand ZL-AAA to ZL-ZZZ
ZP Paraguay ZP-AAA to ZP-ZZZ
ZS South Africa ZS-AAA to ZS-ZZZ
ZT South Africa ZT-AAA to ZT-ZZZ
ZU South Africa ZU-AAA to ZU-ZZZ