Caracal F-14 Decals



This is Caracal's Prototype F-14 sheet. This provides decals to do one of the 9 prototypes or some of the early test bed airframes. All stencisl and test amrkig sare inlcuded and are

beautifully printed by Cartograph.


There are markings for 14different aircraft:

157980, prototype No.1,

157981, prototype No.2

157982, prototype No.3

157983, prototype No.4

157983, as used in the Pheonix missle testing

157984, prototype No.5

157985, Prototype No.6

 157987, Prototype No.8

157988, usd for weapons testing

157990, Prototype No.11

157991, Prototype No.IX, also carried a "1"on the tail after the loss of the first prototype

158612, Naval Air test Center

158616, Naval Air test Center



Updated Aug 1 2021