1/48 Microscale F-106

87th and 2nd Fighter Squadron


This is one of the older Microscale decals sheets. This one covers the F-106 in the 87th and 2nd Fighter Squadrons. Decals seem to be nicely

printed, but I am not sure how well they will cor considering their age. There are three options from the 87th FS from the 1972 WIlliam Tell competition

and one from the 2nd FS.


there are markings for four aircraft:

59-0088, 87th FS, WIlliam Tell 1972 "Jack the Gripper"

59-0089, 87th FS, William Tell 1972, "Lurch IV"

59-0094, 87th FS, WIlliam Tell 1972, "Bones Crusher"

60-80783, 2nd FS


Updated Nov 24 2020