1/48 Monogram B-17




This is a typical monogram Promodelelr offering. This is the stnadard Monogram G, with all of the inherent problemsof that kit, with a few modifications.

The Tail turret has been modifed and there are parts for the cheyenne tail turret, and although the clear windows for the olderstyle are there, due to the modified fusealge,

you can only build it with the later style. The waist guns are still in line, and these shouldbe staggered for a sush a let build...

but there is not much you can do short of heavy surgery to fix that.There are also a few crew members provided indynamic poses

 for an in flight display. Some other minor updates are inlcuded, such as maching gun ammo boxes, and a floor for the waist gunners position

as well as a small poto-etch sheet that inlcudes ammo belts, seat belt buckles and engine wirering harness.



The aircraft options included are:

"Milk Wagon", 43-37756, 709th BS, 447th BG

"A Bit O' Lace", 42-97976, 3709th BS, 447th BG




Updated Aug 20 2020